Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (s5), Supernatural (s9), Breaking Bad (s3)
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Reading: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
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sophie // 19 // probably sleepy as heck


photographed by Theo Wenner for Obsession magazine

she’s fucking perfect


if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships


Masanao Hirayama PAPER WALLET


loot at how cute my outfit was today 


radiant gradients pt.3


Joshua Yospyn


Did you have any fashion disasters that you can remember?
Marina: A lot. But fashion should be a disaster.


Reading a stranger’s diary from the 1970s


Reading a stranger’s diary from the 1970s

"At that point he’s terrified of the emotion required to go through this very difficult thing, and he’s not really prepared… I felt that would be his worst nightmare, having to endure something real." — Richard Ayoade.


Christiane F. photographed by Ilse Ruppert in her room in Hamburg (1983).

   Christiane F., a onetime heroin-addicted teen prostitute, a junkie from the age of 12,  was put in the spotlight in her early teens during the late `70s, after a series of interviews about her life and West Berlin`s drug scene, which led in a top-selling book and a film (Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”) based on her memoirs.

Her intriguing story, as well as her great looks instantly turned her into a media darling and a kind of controversial heroin-chic celebrity.

   Along Alexander Hacke, her boyfriend at the time and member of the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, they recorded two albums and also appeared in a film.


CONFESSIONS (2011) by Ignas Krunglevičius

Single channel video installation

"A collection of eight confessions, hand written and court transcripts, of convicted criminals. It is then reduced to only those sentences where the criminal is talking about his or her own emotions. The perpetrators’ personal landscape of guilt is revealed with no descriptions about the actual criminal act. The most extreme act of violence contains something that we can all recognize in ourselves; the inner psychological patterns of reasoning and justification, remorse and/or the lack of it." (via)